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As summer approaches and the leaves begin to fall in northeast Ohio, boats are docked and cozy sweaters begin to reappear. Even as the days of 80-degree swimsuits are drawing to a close, there are still plenty of opportunities to get involved in the fall.

The bicentennial event, which is scheduled to begin on Saturday, October 1, is being hosted by the College of Arts and Sciences of Ohio State University and the University of Akron. The virtual event will include engaging videos, interactive activities and a live performance by Findlay High School students. The following weekend, 2 to 3 September, a special event will be held in the park from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Thunder Roads Ohio is proud partner of the event and has published an official rally guide in its May issue. A few years ago, a small pocket guide was added, which provides a final, complete guide to the various rally venues. For a full list of events and activities during the fall, visit the Sandusky Ohio Events Facebook page as well as the official website.

The Support Local Ohio microsite provides a list of local restaurants, retailers and attractions that support Ohioans. To learn more about supporting local businesses and restaurants and how to showcase your business, visit / supportlocalohio.

The website also lists local events for children, as well as events and activities for adults. Many of the - on - the - Bay events are made specifically for children, such as the Pyrate Festival in June. Sandusky City offers a range of enriching experiences for children, from art, music, crafts, food and entertainment to arts and crafts.

Other ways to celebrate on South Bass Island include taking part in a street race around the island and the Perry Victory Memorial, which commemorates those who brought the Bay's history to the front lines of the US Civil War and World War II.

It is free to walk through the park grounds and visit the visitor center, but a visit to the Perry Monument is subject to a fee. There are a number of other attractions on South Bass Island, and only if you decide to join one of them.

Many large rallies do not take place for a whole week, but focus on a single weekend, but due to the number of participants and the fact that some events are cancelled, many expenses are added.

Most events at Put-in-the-Bay take place at weekends, when most people have time off to visit the island. The April weekend has some offers in the pre-season, but this includes a large number of events, such as the annual New Year's Eve celebration and a host of other events.

Choose from HalloWeekends, where your heart rate will rise, or one of the many outdoor activities on the beach, open all year round.

Apartments for rent or condominiums on the water are available for groups who wish to stay on the island. Anyone interested can contact the hospice team to create a virtual assessment to help them find out what would be most useful for the group.

To arrange a free consultation with a lawyer for Sandusky, please fill out the free application form at the reception of the Center for Legal Services of the Municipality. The center's efforts are supported by a grant from the Ohio Department of Justice's Office of Civil Rights and the Ohio State Department of Justice.

The Center for the Prevention of Child and Adolescent Abuse, founded in 1974, works to promote healthy relationships, break the cycle of family violence, and increase home security for all at home. The program supports children and families who have experienced trauma, have completed other programs at the Family and Child Abuse Prevention Center, or need additional services. Funeral services are free and available to anyone in the community, regardless of whether they have previously committed to Northwest Ohio Hospice. Families have the opportunity to visit and enjoy the attractions with their children, to spend a day off with activities, activities and activities for children.

The Chamber of Commerce is also responsible for other important events such as the Oktoberfest. Firelands also hosts several events this fall, including a race in aid of Sandusky's police and fire departments.

For many guests, it is these annual events that bring them back to the island year after year. Put on the Bay Events offers visitors some of the best entertainment they can enjoy all year round, as well as a variety of food and beverages.

Whether you are in town for a weekend getaway or a theme party, there is always something to celebrate on the island. Whether party time with a pop party or party party, this is the event for you. This event is for those who want to spend an evening with friends, family or just have a good time at one of the most popular events in the city.

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