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Ottawa County in Ohio may be best known for its beautiful beaches and picturesque beaches, but this low-lying Midwestern district has a lot to offer for families with children of all ages. Sandusky is located on the Ohio coast and is a perfect retreat from the urban hustle and bustle that comes with a relaxed, natural landscape and carefree days.

Wildlife abounds, and if you want to enjoy the sky above the surrounding area, you can plan a parasailing adventure and be part of nature. Other excursions include sailing on Lake Erie, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, cycling, fishing or even swimming. If you prefer to walk or sunbathe on the shores of Lake Ohio, grab your sunscreen and go for a walk or hike.

Another option is the 2-star Comfort Inn Sandusky, one of the best hotels in the area, which is often bundled with a large number of tickets to Cedar Point. Hotel guests receive a discounted ticket, and you can also save big by searching online for exclusive offers and discounts at Cedar Point. The other budget choice is a simple motel of this category, but this one also offers big discounts as it is located in an express parking lot right next to the park, just a few blocks from the entrance.

A very inviting rate for less than one night includes continental breakfast, wireless internet and internet access. Sandusky attractions are within walking distance of attractions such as Cedar Point, Lake Erie, the Ohio State University campus and the University of Ohio.

There are several restaurants next to the water park, including one on Friday. The hotel offers its guests year-round comfort and features a full-service bar and restaurant, as well as a fitness center, gym and wellness center.

If you're interested in science behind the stars, Cleveland is just an hour's drive away, and additional excursions into Sandusky's history are offered. Take a tour offered once a month from April to October and learn about the history of the city and its history, as well as some of its famous landmarks.

The 2-star Knights Inn Sandusky is an eight-minute drive from the center, and the $187 two-room suite sleeps up to six people and costs $1,000 per night, or $2,500 for a four-night stay. If you and your relatives are planning to stay for a while, this is the place for you as they serve a range of purposes - built huts as well as older existing structures. There is also an option for an indoor pool if you are within 5.5 miles of the city center. Another option is to be close to the tennis courts, which are just a few miles away on the campus of the University of Ohio.

Located just 2 miles from Cedar Point, this budget motel offers a range of amenities including ironing boards, an indoor pool and a pool house. There is a restaurant with bar, hairdresser, fitness centre and an outdoor pool with hot tub.

Other family-friendly facilities include a pool house with hot tub, fitness centre and outdoor pool. The rotunda in the lobby and the beautiful landscape make the park very attractive for families.

With its quiet atmosphere, Sandusky is a playground for unparalleled adventures waiting around the corner. The lobby is decorated with trees, trees and other forest objects, which are intended to immediately put the boys in a playful mood. Although parents are expected to stay with their children, the counsellors are staffed around the clock. With children's programs supervised by the caregivers, you won't want to settle down here for a few days.

The recommended KAYAK hotel, within walking distance, is one of the most popular hotels in Sandusky, Ohio, and a great choice for families. Make sure you offer a stay in the lap of luxury for those with a little money, all Sandusky hotels are listed on If you are planning a long-term stay, such as a week, it may be worth booking one or both of these hotels.

Just a two-minute walk from the park, this 650-room hotel offers a full-service restaurant, bar, fitness centre, spa and wellness facilities. The hotel is just blocks from Sandusky State Park, the state's largest park.

One of the area's top attractions is Cedar Point, an amusement park that has more rides than any other park in the world. As always, it goes outside, but it is a hit with visitors young and old, and has a water effect that guests can activate, as well as an indoor water park.

As a fair-weather theme park, the resort offers light weather in all seasons - a holiday suitable for young children and teenagers. The city has affordable hotels that offer quality, comfort, convenience and guest satisfaction throughout the season.

More About Sandusky

More About Sandusky