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Sandusky, Ohio, has a lot of great attractions, and when it comes to its tourist attractions, the Merry - Go - Round Museum should be on everyone's list. Sandusky Ohio's most popular tourist attraction and one of the state's best museums must be the Carousel - go - round museum, located at 301 Jackson Street in downtown Sandusky. This is the oldest and largest of its kind in Ohio, with over 100 years of history.

Get to know the Sandusky Maritime Museum and you will learn more about our beloved lake than you could ever imagine. The exhibits remind of the maritime history of the Sandusky region and delight visitors of all ages. The museum was opened in the early 20th century as the first museum of its kind in Ohio and contains a variety of exhibits that visitors can walk through. Some of these exhibits will teach you about lesser known facets of history, such as shipwrecks, shipbuilding, fishing, sailing and much more.

The Sandusky Library and Archive are located just one block from the museum and are dedicated to collecting and preserving information about the history of the city and its people. The mission of this branch of our library is to collect, preserve and share information about local history, art, culture, education, history and culture with citizens, scientists and researchers.

This collection consists mainly of research materials dealing with the history of the town of Sandusky and its history as an industrial center. It is complemented by a collection of documents containing information on the development of local businesses and industries, in particular the paper company Hinde & Dauch.

The Follett House Museum shares the history of Sandusky and Erie County in a Greek Revival House - a Greek Revival-style country house that was home to the editor and publisher known for publishing the Lincoln-Douglas debate. The Greek Revival House and Museum is a place to learn about the life and work of one of America's most influential political leaders.

Every year, the museum offers special events for children, including a Pirates Day, where children can immerse themselves in the history of the oldest pirate ship in the world.

The shoreline of central Ohio Lake Erie has a number of beaches with public access, and Sandusky also has several parks to walk, picnic, or enjoy the outdoors by the water. The Cedar Point theme park is a great place for those who have children, but it offers more than just thrills. The park has a promenade with regular entertainment and more, along with several children - only areas. Located on the shores of Lake Toledo, between Lake Cleveland, Lake Huron and the Ohio River, and on the shores of Lake Sandusky Bay, it is the perfect place for children.

The vacation destinations are numerous, including the Sandusky International Airport, Cedar Point theme park and several other attractions. Those who prefer to take to the water can visit the Maritime Museum of Sandusky, which is the largest museum of its kind in the United States. The Sandusky Area Maritime Center reflects the history of the city, where fishing is the most important industry and exports more than 10 million pounds annually.

Whether you're looking for adventure, a history buff, or just relaxing with water and wine, Sandusky and Cedar Point have something for everyone. Other places to explore during a visit to the Sandusky area include the University of Pennsylvania, the Ohio Museum of Natural History and the National Park Service. With more than 2,000 hectares of parks, museums, restaurants, hotels, shopping and entertainment venues, it is an excellent destination for families.

With so many activities for the whole family, it is no wonder that staying at the Kalahari Resort is one of the top activities we have done so far. With Lake Erie right in Sandusky, there's no better place to enjoy a beach holiday while enjoying plenty of other thrills for all ages. If you are an Ohio native interested in staying in the city or seeing what Ohio has to offer, we strongly recommend you read our guide to have all the fun you can have there.

Add a day trip to Sandusky to Port Clinton - Huron, which includes the museum, while visiting the Putnam County Historical Society and Ohio Museum of Natural History. Visit the Merry - Go - Round Museum and see the historic downtown of Sandusky at the bay, or add to your day by visiting the Put.

If you like museums in the Cleveland area, this little-known educational institution is sure to be your best bucket list adventure. If you're a history buff, then your next vacation should be in Sandusky, Ohio.

Kelleys Island Historical Museum exhibits include a collection of artifacts from Sandusky, Ohio, and a museum exhibit about the history of the city's first mayor, Shay O'Neill. The Ohio Veterans Home and Military Museum collects artifacts from Ohio's military history from the Civil War, World War II and the Vietnam War.

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