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The Sandusky Mall in 2019 is still reeling from a one-two-three punch, but less than three years ago the 43-year-old mall had trouble occupying all four anchor tenants. Although its decline does not appear to be gradual, there is no question that the loss of two of the mall's three anchor stores, as well as the closure of a third, has been particularly devastating for the mall.

The exodus of tenants should come as no surprise, but most of the remaining tenants are local tenants, and the JCPenney wing has a high occupancy rate, including a nationally and nearby renter who clings to it like the parents of a bunch of baby boomers.

It is impossible to imagine a situation in which management could stem the tide, but these photos are comprehensive evidence of Sandusky's struggles. If the city cannot support the malls, it is hard to imagine them thriving in a city of more than 5,000, let alone 1.5 million. And what better reason to support a reasonably well-preserved city centre than to support a shopping centre, for better or worse?

The original anchors included Macy's, Macy's and May-May Co-Op, as well as its sister store, the Boston Store, located in Kansas City. The latter centers are common in Ohio, including the Sandusky Mall, but they are barely rising. And while it has barely risen, it still competes with other stores like Target and Walmart, as well as other retailers.

The Child's World field office, which closed in 1992 and was converted into OfficeMax in 1994, closed in 2005.

The stores moving from the Sears wing to other parts of the mall include Spencer's, Nail World and Ritaz Salon to make room for the mall's redesign. One change concerns the TJMaxx, which will have an entrance to the food court and move into the newly renovated rooms. As part of that plan, the mall plans to introduce Five Five's as part of a larger expansion of its mall. They will also be added to improve the shopping experience for customers in the area as well as the overall shopping experience, he said.

Rumours have it that a home goods store will be added to the shopping centre's fleet of anchor shops alongside the new T.J. Maxx. Rumours have suggested Ross and Dress Less will move to a new location on the west side of the mall, in the former Sears premises.

Restaurants on a shopping mall outside the mall, including a restaurant on the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue, and two restaurants on the east and west sides of the mall.

Multipurpose spaces tend to involve high-risk concepts, and they rarely seek real estate in dollars. There is rarely personal care - based services such as massages and massage parlours, but then there are some that seem like arbors, combined with play areas rented out for children's parties.

On April 18, 2018, it was announced that Elder Beerman will close all its stores after parent company Bon Ton went bankrupt. Macy's announced the closure, no doubt a blow to the builders who originally built and managed the mall. In December 2018, Cafaro announced that it had no plans to redevelop the malls and saw no chance of doing so next year.

It has been confirmed that T.J. Maxx will open in 2021 at a new location in the mall, and it is not yet certain whether TJMaxX will move in. Whether or not a TJ Maxxes will move in is not yet known.

The food court of the shopping centre offers a variety of food and beverages as well as a wide range of retail items. The Food Court is located in the western corridor and is accessible from the outside via the main entrance. It is located on the east side of the shopping centre and adjacent to the car park.

The website also shows a list of tenants who are not physically connected to the facilities of the shopping centre, including a variety of specialty shops, restaurants and a large number of retail outlets. The complex has a reasonable number of national brands, but it also has two quasi-anchors. She has had difficulties in recent years because she did not carry the weight of a full-fledged department store.

Some of the stores in the Northern Corridor include Bad & Body Works and a host of other specialty stores. On June 30, 2019, it was announced that the Disney Store, the largest Disney chain in North America, will be coming to the Sandusky Mall. The mall's website calls it the "Disney Store," though there is no official name for the store except Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

The shopping centre complex has been transformed into a mix - used properties with a variety of retail and office space as well as residential and retail space. The former Macy's location is currently being renovated as one of three new stores as part of the shopping center's redevelopment. Encore is moving into the newly renovated Center Court premises, along with a host of other specialty stores and a number of restaurants and bars.

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